NaSu Burger

The NaSu Concept

Meat is a valuable source of protein and other nutrients. But its production is highly inefficient and a potential contributor to climate change. Therefore it makes sense to reduce overall meat consumption if there are nutritional and tasty alternatives available. Many companies are trying to “copy” meat, mainly beef and chicken. At FST we believe that for a tasty vegan meat alternative copying meat is not necessary. Still our NaSu Burger looks very much like beef. As opposed to other meat replacers the NaSu Burger does not require extrusion or any other processing steps. Our dry blend of protein flours and vegetable fibres is mixed with water and oil and subsequently formed and fried. As sustainable as can be.


Sustainable Vegetable Fibres

Vegetable juice has a very positive image. But it does produce a lot of waste. The pulp of the vegetable juice production until this day is being thrown away. FST has developed a technology that saves this great material from being wasted and brings it back into the human food chain as vegetable fibre.


Sustainable Protein Flours

When edible oil is being pressed, a lot of the original vegetable remains as press-cake. Some of it is being fed to animals for its high protein content, but a lot is being wasted. Technology is key for FST to bring these valuable proteins onto human plates without passing through an animal’s stomach.



FST’s technologies consist of drying and milling only. No enzymes or microorganisms nor carriers or processing aids are being used. At FST we do not bleach or wash out anything from our products. No chemicals are being employed. And our products are always from the edible part of the plant.


Simple and easy preparation of the NaSu Burger