NaSu Burger

The NaSu concept – plant based sustainable convenience and indulgence in powder format 

We all know that meat is an important nutritional source for humans. But its production has an unsustainable footprint. Therefore, it makes sense to replace meat with lant based alternatives where possible. In this context our NaSu Burger, as a powdered product, is based on a totally different concept as the competition.

Power can be personalised easily. Customer requirements can be fulfilled faster and more precisely which will further the success of plant-based nutrition. The dry blend consisting of our sustainable and natural proteins and millet will be mixed with water and oil at the POS, formed, fried and served. A flexible and cost efficient solution.

Food Service providers appreciate the long shelf life and low inventory cost compared to chilled or frozen alternatives. Customising the NaSu Burger by adding spices, herbs, vegetables or nuts gives them unrivalled flexibility to provide their customers with a different experience every time. At the same time powder offers great quality. The NaSu Burger, NaSu meatballs, sausage or pasta filling will please consumers time and time again and convince them with the quality of the experience.

Anlage 14 - NaSu Sausage Official_2
Anlage 15 - NaSu filled Pasta official_2


The NaSu Ingredients: Take sustainable protein flours 

Oil meals are a great source of proteins. At FST we have developed a milling technology to make these hard press cakes available for human nutrition. High in proteins, functional and healthy. And of course natural and sustainable.

The NaSu Production: 100% Natural

At FST, we dry, mill and blend our ingredients. There is no use of enzymes, microorganisms, chemical additives, processing aids, genetic modification, bleaching or washing out. And most people forget: if it is natural, it is from the edible part of the plant. It always is at FST.

Simple and easy preparation of the NaSu Burger