HempPRO – Hemp Seed Flour

Hemp as a plant has seen a astonishing comeback over the last few years. The sales of products like hemp seed oil have increased, and with it there is more hemp seed meal available. Most of this valuable ingredient is normally being thrown away. Hence FST went to work in order to bring this valuable ingredient back into the human food chain.

FST now has hemp seed flour in three protein level on offer, 23%, 32% and 50% to cater for the various requirements manufacturers might have. The 50% hempseed protein has emulsifying properties which can be used for example to make a vegan Mayonnaise.

The hemp seed flours and the hemp seed protein in addition to their favourable protein contents also have high dietary fibre contents of 58%, 48% and 30% respectively. This makes our products very useful ingredients when trying to work nutritional values to fulfil certain requirements like the traffic light system.