LeinPRO – Linseed Flour

LeinPRO is made from 100% golden linseed. LeinPRO is the meal from the linseed oil production especially milled using FST’s own milling technology. This way the meal that so far was mostly lost to human consumption has found its way back onto human plates. LeinPRO is being produced in Germany in the heart of Europe.

Its high water retention of 1:12 and its great nutritional values (40% protein, 34% fibres, 10% healthy oil) make LeinPRO a healthy and versatile ingredient in many parts of the food industry. Replacement of Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum, all ingredients with a worse sustainability footprint than LeinPRO itself, is one of the purposes LeinPRO can be used for.

LeinPRO also has some emulsifying properties. FST did produce a 70% oil vegan Mayo type sauce with LeinPRO as the only emulsifier / texturiser.

LeinPRO is available in two particle sizes to suit the various requirements of the different industries. It is also available in organic quality as FST has found a high class oil mill manufacturing only organic cold pressed oils. 


Strikingly simple proces to make a vegan Mayo with LeinPRO