Vegetable Fibres – Naturally Functional

Plant-based, clean-label textures. Great declaration and cost efficient. At FST you will find all these mega trends within one product

Sustainability for us means to only use products from side-streams of agri-food industry. It also means for us to only use natural production technologies.

Sustainability is unfortunately still not enough reason for the food industry to use an ingredient. It is still much more important that an ingredient delivers the functionality that the food manufacturer expects from it.

Looking at fibres from dried pomace this functionality is defined by the natural properties of the vegetable. Vegetables typically contain large quantities of water.

The unique FST drying and milling technology allows for the first time to produce powders that will absorb the amount of water extracted earlier. Absorption is possible cold or warm swelling. Just add cold or warm water to the powder. It will absorb it like a sponge.

Of course, vegetable pomace is also very nutritious containing lots of fibres and plant secondary compounds.

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Binds and retains water, lots of water. Improves texture and declaration without e-numbers.

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Carrot is Europe’s most important root vegetable. This makes our carrot fibre KaroPRO® our leader product.

KaroPRO® has a high water absorption of 26 times its weight in water (1:26). This can be used to naturally texture many applications. Be it vegan meat replacers, baked goods and cakes, meat products, soups, sauces or fruit preparations, the list of potential applications is endless. Its weak taste and colour make KaroPRO® suitable for most applications. For those looking for yellow or orange colour, we have also developed an orange variety of our carrot fibre.

Dietary fibre is the main nutritional feature of our carrot fibre. KaroPRO® contains a minimum of 60% dietary fibre and therefore lends itself to fibre fortification in applications like pasta, snack pellets, juices or smoothies.

We do offer KaroPRO® carrot fibre in two milling grades. The coarser product has maximum water retention while the shorter fibre is suitable for sugar and fat replacement and creates asmooth mouthfeel in applications like a vegan mayo.

Sustainable and natural carrot flour

Possible applications for KaroPRO® carrot flour



Texture, colour and clean label declaration – natural and sustainable.

Beetroot is famous for its beautiful and strong red colour. It is often being used as a colorant in foods. BeetPRO offers colour – but it offers so much more at the same time. BeetPRO absorbs and retains 15 times its weight in water which helps texture and yields.

The colour BeetPRO provides is stable up to about 80°C – in some applications like bread a lot higher. In applications like sausages, sauces, fruit preparations and vegan meat alternatives both colour and texture provided by BeetPRO are highly appreciated. The fibre content of 60% makes it suitable for fibre fortification whilst the natural content if nitrates can also be of use in applications.

Like all our vegetable fibres, BeetPRO is being produced naturally and sustainably from side-streams. Using BeetPRO helps to reduce the footprint of the food industry which is important for a sustainable food chain.

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Green Fibres – colour and more

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Kale is in fashion. Kale powder, kale chips, kale juice. The Germans have known it for a long time, kale is healthy and tastes ever so good.

Our Kale Fibre KalePRO has a water retention of 14 times its weight in water. In addition, there is this lovely green colour – stable at high and low temperatures and for very long time. It is this rare combination of texture, colour and taste which makes KalePRO such a valuable food ingredient. Of course, KalePRO also lives up to the FoodSolutionsTeam product promise: Sustainable, Natural, Functional.

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Further vegetable fibres

Where there is juice, there is fibre

At FoodSolutionsTeam we are working with partners in the juice industry giving us access to a multitude of different vegetable pulps from de-juicing.

We have run trials with vegetables like purple carrot and ginger and can report that our unique technology produced functional fibres also from these vegetables.

If you are looking for a specific functional vegetable fibre, we will make sure it will be a natural and sustainable one.

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