Both founders of FST have a long-standing experience in the savoury food industry. In addition, FST for a number of years had a very close co-operation with a leading Japanese manufacturer of Yeast Extracts. FST was able to gain an in-depth understanding of Umami though this collaboration.

It is the combination of amino acids, nucleotides and peptides that is key to the creation of umami. With the help of its Japanese partners FST was able to build the required knowledge and experience.

Umami makes foods more palatable, allows for salt reduction and has been a natural feature of all important cuisines the world over for thousands of years – be it the Italian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine. And there is a definite reason why even fast food outfits add cheese or tomatoes to their burgers – it simply creates more umami.

Today, umami is a mere hobby for FST. But sometimes we still excel combining yeast extracts when we find projects we like and find challenging.  Using flavonoids to add a twist to these tailored yeast extracts is part of the fun we have working in this area.