About us

FST was founded in 2012 with the objective to develop and market sustainable food ingredients.

„SUSTAINABILITY in the food industry can be so much more
than a solar panel on the roof of a food factory.
Sustainability is a FOOD INGREDIENT“


Our ingredients all consist of food production by-products. These perfect foods are being brought back into the human food chain by intensive research by FST.

To support our sustainability objective we are using only natural transformation processes when manufacturing our products.

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Functionality, Sustainability, Naturalness. Every product we market has to fulfil these three criteria.

Without functionality nowadays a food ingredient cannot be marketed any more. Even if it is actually a food product. Sustainability is FST’s mission – no product will make its way into our assortment unless it is sustainable. Without naturalness sustainability is not credible. Hence it is so important to us that all our products are being manufactured using only technologies that any future law – once passed – will define as natural.

We are only using technologies, even the consumer would recognise as being natural. Mechanically pressing juice or oil, drying and milling by physical means only. Employing these processes, we do not use any processing aids or carriers, let alone chemical additives. We do not use enzymes or micro-organisms, avoid and form of radiation and we make sure that there is no GMO in the value chain at any point.

Also of utmost importance to us: A sustainable FST product is always from the edible part of the plant. And this is something, unfortunately, that is no longer the case with many ingredients. Even though sometimes, the name of these ingredients indicates differently.




FST has a long-standing experience in the savoury food industry. In addition, FST for a number of years had a very close co-operation with a leading Japanese manufacturer of Yeast Extracts. FST was able to gain an in-depth understanding of Umami though this collaboration.

It is the combination of amino acids, nucleotides and peptides that is key to the creation of umami. With the help of its Japanese partners FST was able to build the required knowledge and experience.

Umami makes foods more palatable, allows for salt reduction and has been a natural feature of all important cuisines the world over for thousands of years – be it the Italian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine. And there is a definite reason why even fast food outfits add cheese or tomatoes to their burgers – it simply creates more umami.

Today, umami is a mere hobby for FST. But sometimes we still excel combining yeast extracts when we find projects we like and find challenging.  Using flavonoids to add a twist to these tailored yeast extracts is part of the fun we have working in this area.