Oil Meals – Naturally Functional

At FoodSolutionsTeam we have developed a technology enabling us to mill the protein rich oil meals in a way to create powders with a long shelf life. Our oil meal powders combine nutritional goodness with functionalities like water retention or emulsification as well as shelf life – a unique combination indeed.

The unique FST milling technology allows for cold-and warm swelling protein rich powders.

The technological functionalities are being complemented by the nutritional functionalities. Rich in protein with interesting amino acid profiles for various applications. Some products are rich in fibres whilst all of our oil meal flours have residual contents of mostly good oils – we only work with meals from native pressing.

Some of our products – like linseed or flax flours – have been used for their nutritional properties for centuries.

Anlage 7- LeinPRO official


LEINPRO – Linseed flour

Protein and Fibres in their most functional form

LeinPRO – Linseed Flour, our linseed or flax flour, consists of 100% golden linseed. It is milled from the meals of the native linseed oil pressing. Until a few years ago, these side-stream had hardly been used in human nutrition.

LeinPRO – Linseed Flour acts as an emulsifier in many applications. FoodSolutionsTeam has developed a Vegan Mayo with up to 70% oil with LeinPRO – Linseed Flour as the only replacer for egg. LeinPRO – Linseed Flour replaces full egg in bakery thus enabling items like a vegan brioche without major recipe alterations. LeinPRO as replaces guar gum in breads 1:1 and acts as replacement for soy lecithin and mono- and diglycerides in bakery. Hydrocolloid replacement in many applications (LBG, Gum Arabic, Xanthan) as well as pectin replacement in jams, maramlades and fruit preparations.

LeinPro's small particle size allows its application in all areas without the riusk of a grainy mouthfeel. The taste is very subtle of nuts. However, the typically low dosages do not allow for this flavour tob e noticed.

Sensationally simple preparation of a vegan mayo with LeinPRO



The nutty sensation from Styria


In Styria, Austria, the home of bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, they know their pumpkins. More than 150 years ago they started pressing the oil out of their pumpkin seeds – and their seeds are like no others, they are green and full of goodness.

To prepare for the oil pressing, the seeds are crushed and roasted over open fire with the addition of a little water and a tiny bit of salt. This not only adds to the great taste of the seeds, but it also helps to separate the oil from the protein. This means more oil yield for the oil miller, but more proteins for FoodSolutionsTeam in the press cake. 60% protein to be precise, without any concentration steps.

Besides the great nutty taste, the protein is rich in branched chain amino acids. These amino acids are a staple for body builders as they help to build muscle. Maybe this is the secret of the success of a certain Austrian body builder?


HempPRO 50 Organic

Happy with Hemp – but as a food

Hemp has seen an amazing comeback in the last few years. This helped the sales of hempseed oil resulting in larger volumes of hemp meal available. With our unique milling technology, we are able to make this great product available as a natural and sustainable food ingredient.

Our 50% hempseed protein has emulsifying properties which can be used for example to make a stable vegan mayo. No other emulsifiers and stabilisers will be necessary for our great hemp mayo.


SunPRO – Sonnenblumenprotein

The best of the sun

Sunflower seeds have been used for centuries. Pressing their valuable oil out of them is one of their main uses. The meal of the native oil pressing has some very positive attributes.

The meal contains just over 50% protein with a great amino acid spectrum. Flavour and colour are quite neutral so that this protein has a wide range of potential application. SunPRO – Sonnenblumenprotein has successfully proven its technological functionality as binder and stabiliser in a range of solutions.

The high percentage of glutamic acid does enhance various flavour profiles, mainly on the savoury side. Consumers think of the declaration sunflower as something positive. This positive connotation of sunflower protein is becoming increasingly important for SunPRO – Sonnenblumenprotein looking at the ingredients list of any processed food item it is used in.